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Painting is a method of visualisation that results in a statement: the image. The painting process is one in which the artist attempts to express his or her experiences and thoughts as a subjective version of reality. 

In the first two semesters, students attend the practical and academic foundation course. 
Following the foundation course, students focus on exploring the dialectic relationship between object, reproduction and image. This exploration is based on the concept of drawing as way of describing, and therefore recognising.

From the start of the course, independent working is both expected and encouraged, and its significance increases with each semester of study. The teachers’ role is to consolidate this independence, to give advice on thematic and artistic contexts in contemporary painting and to offer their own artistic insights as a sounding board for students’ ideas.

Students’ final diploma projects is based on an assignment chosen by each student and covers the entire spectrum of theory and practical skills taught on this course.

Applicants to the course Fine Arts / Painting must demonstrate a particular artistic aptitude. A general qualification for university entrance is preferred. Artistic aptitude will be tested in an examination.

Students on the Painting course graduate after ten semesters (five years).