seeweißensee kunsthochschule berlin. Informationsplattform der Fachgebiete Malerei und Bildhauerei



Workshop, May 3rd – 5th.
Žilvinas Lilas (Hochschule für Künste und Medien in Kölln)
and Hanna Hennenkemper (Kunsthochschule Berlin/ Weißensee)

A drone-based action is for most part an impersonal, mono-directional playable system which strictly adheres to a sinister seek-and-destroy routine. Our workshop starts with an excursion to the Weißensee/ Berlin where we will explore and gather site-specific facts, characteristics and subsidiary phenomena’s around the location. By reckoning settings and situations as parametric structures with social, aesthetic or political functions we will unfold this geo-graphed information’s into the interactive-playable or any other narrative format, to focus sights on space as an ideological construct and to attempt a spatial narration, departing from a stern cartographical tradition and emanating into an open array of enterprises that encourage for an extended departure from the orthodox dronologic act.


Žilvinas Lilas served multiple positions during his professional career ranging from Interactive Interface Designer to Chief Artist, and as Technical Director for a number of both start-ups and internationally renowned companies such as Walt Disney Studios, Oddworld Inhabitants, Metrolight Studios, Artist’s Inc. He has worked on a number of animated feature films, games, publications, and television projects including Treasure Planet and Chicken Little. His research interests include interactive art and design, simulated environments and scenarios, and identity and technology. In 1991 he received a Diploma of Artist from the Vilnius Academy of Arts majoring in Painting. In 1996 he completed his Graduate Studies at Ohio State University and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts in 3D animation and painting. He currently lives in Cologne, Germany with his wife and three children.


Hanna Hennenkemper  studied at the Art Academy in Kiel/ Germany and in 2001 shifted to the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin where she graduated with a diploma in painting 2005 and with an additional Meisterschüler degree in 2006. Working as a free artist she was additionally lecturing at the academies of Berlin and Halle a .d. Saale. Since 2010 she is a guest professor for drawing and contemporary print making at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. Her research interests include relations from art and philosophy, in particular the role of “intuition” as a genuine resource of gathering complex knowledge-/ content- conglomerations to be displayed in an elaborated and self-sufficient visual language use. Related to that is the interest in media-use as an iteration of inherent structure-possibilities and its implications on contemporary subject-philosophy.